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Cozy Up to Autumn!

The seasons are turning and that means only one thing – time to cozy-up and hibernate the colder months away!  Your home should always be more than just an assortment of furniture, and making your surroundings cozy for fall and winter is one of the best ways to warm up the feel of a space.  These fantastic rooms will make you want to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and a good book!

Warm up your room with a fantastic throw blanket.  A fluffy throw is a must-have for wrapping yourself up in this time of year!

Cozy Blanket


Candles can warm up a fall vignette.  These rustic log votive holders are perfect for giving your autumn decor an inviting glow whether you place them on the coffee table or as a dining table centerpiece.

Fall Candles

One key ingredient to cozying up a room is pillows! You can never have too many big, soft, and fluffy pillows to lounge on this time of year.  Choose the colors of the season to bring the feeling of fall indoors while leaving the chill outside where it belongs!Cozy Pillows

Cozy Fall Colors

What are your favorite ways to welcome fall?

Beach Bungalows

Thinking about summer and beach bungalows you can easily imagine kitschy decor and cliche decorations. Beach decor can easily evolve into this style – add in bright turquoises and corals and you are on your way to overdoing it. There are ways to create that coastal, casual feel without resorting to the cliches.

Let’s take a look at some designs that create the feeling of a beach bungalow without over-the-top decor and colors. 

This stairway uses roping and dock cleats as a hip but subtle touch for accenting the room. The use of  textured rope and off-white paint reminds me of a marina – You almost feel like you are on a boat.


The use of a piece of driftwood with hooks added creates a unique towel holder – perfectly suited for this bathroom at the beach!

The use of neutral colors and texture create a sophisticated but casual beach kitchen. The kitchen island’s use of textured wood pulls the design theme together.

This kitchen’s use of custom lighting is inspired by antique diving equipment. Paired with wicker chairs, it acts as a bold statement piece in the room. 

The worn metal on this night stand, and mirror, stand out visually resembling items you might find at a dockyard, worn down over time by salt water.  

Have you seen design ideas for beach bungalows that have inspired you?  Tell us in the comments!

Gardening and Gardens

Gardens are the perfect adornment for the exterior of your house. The best hobbies are often those that stimulate the mind and jolt the body, with excitement deriving from even the hobby’s most mundane tasks. At least, that’s what gardening does for some; it just feels good in the soul. Some people know the saying “gardening is good for the soul,” but it’s also worth wondering why exactly that is, even if most gardeners could tell you it’s the case just by the mere enjoyment of gardening itself.

Be certain to pave any provides secure footing. Avoid slick surfaces or loosely set pavers that wobble. Paving materials like polished granite or smooth outdoor tile may not offer enough traction in rainy and wintery climates.

Leave plenty of headroom under archways, arbors, and pergolas. Consider 7 feet to be the minimum, and add at least another 18 inches if I know there will be plants growing over the structure. This may sound high, but outdoor structures tend to look smaller than they would if they were indoors.

While it may not be a hobby like cross-country running, gardening has its share of physical benefits as well. In addition to increased time spent out in the sun – which has its own share of benefits – gardening often requires constant movement in some capacity, whether it’s walking around a garden to water flowers or the hand movement involved in planting new flowers. Gardening offers gentle yet beneficial forms of exercise that people of all ages can participate in.

Give your plants room to grow. If you must have a dense, full landscape right away, plant with the intent to relocate or remove some plants as they mature. You can also plant quick-growing, short-lived “filler” plants to temporarily bulk up your plantings. Beauty may be skin deep, but plants can do more in the garden than sit around and look pretty. The right plants, used the right way, can actually add comfort and utility to your garden. Conifers and broad-leaved evergreens can protect your garden from harsh winds. Large-scale perennials or ornamental grasses can make an “instant” privacy screen. A well-placed tree or tall shrub border can provide a shady oasis in the heat of a summer’s afternoon. Don’t think you have enough room for a tree? Think again. With so many compact ornamental trees available, there’s probably one to fit any property.

Several studies have associated a lower risk of dementia with gardening, particularly that those who gardened on a regular basis had a 36% to 47% lower risk of dementia than those who did not garden. There’s a reason that many of the best retirement homes offer gardening programs and gardens for the elderly to walk through; the act of gardening stimulates the youthful sentiment within everyone’s soul, while also likely reducing the risk of dementia.

Watch your garden grow and your stress shrink. If you’re looking for a way to get some physical exercise, breathe deeply, and relieve stress, look no further than your garden. Planting and tending a garden is an excellent way to alleviate anxiety and create a quiet respite amidst a busy life. This design detail is just as important as the interiors of a home.

If you would like to learn more about designing your home inside and out, contact Cami today!


Emerald is Having its Moment!

Emerald green is one of my favorite colors. It has a high saturation of color, however the darkness offers more levels for inspiration. It is a very thoughtful color and brings out my best designs. Here is a look at some designs that use emerald without turning a home into the Emerald City.


To help make emerald stand out, try to avoid using it around other colors. Black, white and silver match really well with the color and helps the color embrace a bold look.


Dining Room

Learn how to mix old with new in your home decor – antiques and modern elements in the bedroom, kitchen, living room and dining room. To understand more about the color Emerald, if the hue is too yellowish or too bluish, it is not emerald. A different variety of beryl, and its value drops accordingly. The intensity of the green in the finest emeralds might not be equaled by anything else in nature


Staged in Black, White, Green and Grey, I love all of these colors together. Take one out and it would not be the same. Each a good prop for another room as well. If you want to make a retreat in your home, where you can relax and refresh yourself, decorate that room or corner with green color. But try doing it with more raw shades of green, similar to the ones you see out in the nature.


Emerald lacquer walls. Architect: Roberto Liorni Photo: Livia Mucchi. Elle Decor Italia Jan/Feb 2012

Emerald is a color very close to green. Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment.


Inspirational Patterns that can be interpreted by SICIS The Art Mosaic Factory. Emerald is often used to sooth the soul and mind. It helps loosen the body, from a mental and physical point of view. It is an excellent remedy for states of anxiety and nervousness, helping a person to regain his emotional balance and inner calm.


Emerald fountain in the courtyard of the “Grande Mosquée” in Paris.

A take away from this design detail is to remember not to overly use emerald. If it is a favored color, use it delicately to embrace the mood it establishes. It is already such a bold color on its own. Emerald is a lively color, and it symbolizes renewal and growth. It is the color you see the most in the natural environment. So it is the color of spring, when everything comes to life. And it depicts the period when everything is alive and unrolling its natural processes.


5 Beautiful Benches

Give your guests the perfect place to rest by adding a bench!  Benches are versatile pieces that can adorn your entryway, bedroom, backyard and more.  Which of these 5 beautiful benches are your style?

The Dreamy DIY Bench


Wood Log Bench, 1001 Gardens and Landscapes

Repurposing wood is not only environmentally-friendly, it’s chic!  I love this smart bench design using repurposed wood.  Take your project a step further with a custom pillow or by staining the wood a rich tone.

The Perfect Finish

Fontanne Upholstered Bench

Fontanne Upholstered Bench, West Elm

West Elm’s Fontanne Upholstered Bench gives any room the perfect finish.  Modern and on-trend without being too loud, this bench would work in a bedroom, powder room, entryway or office.  Simply put, this is a perfect example of “understated elegance”.

If It’s Not Baroque

Fabulous and Baroque

Baroque Bench, Fabulous and Baroque

I love bold design choices, especially when they’re jewel tones!  I would love to see this deep midnight blue bench juxtaposed with a tall glass top table for a modern finish.

A Contemporary Connecticut Home

Greenough Upholstered Bench

Greenough Upholstered Bench, Birch Lane

This Greenough Upholstered Bench from Birch Lane is a perfect entryway accent, or mudroom addition!

Bohemian Rhapsody

Barrington Blue Bench

Benches, Barringron Blue

I love distinct furniture with a cool edge.  Barrington Blue‘s benches are upholstered with unique prints and fun footing.

Find more beautiful benches on my Pinterest board here.

Window Treatments

How light filters through your window treatments can set a tone for your entire room.  Step outside of your comfort zone by experimenting with alternative window treatments!  Whether your goal is to add structure with a valence or set a mood with shades, these window treatments are sure to inspire.

Gorgeous Glass


Stained glass is beautiful, but etched glass is smart!  If you’re looking to maintain a discreet level of privacy, but ditch your curtains or shades, etched glass is a fabulous alternative.  I love this Pinterest user’s design, which allows light to shine through without anyone peeking in!

Flirty Florals


Speaking of Pinterest, there are so many DIY projects to try!  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your window treatments; you might find beauty in an unexpected place.  I love this whimsical bohemian window accent; now where are those Moroccan throw pillows?  View the DIY here.

Light & Space

Window Shelving Cami Weinstein


Design is a balance of function and beauty.  I love the idea of adding bookshelves under windows to create the perfect reading room!  Just the right amount of light filters through with woven shades, for a cozy and personal feel.

Structured Sophistication

Sophisticated Window Treatments Cami Weinstein


Give your room a fresh, sophisticated makeover simply by changing your window treatments!  Roman shades are inconspicuous behind these crisp drapes.  When composing structured window treatments, attention to hardware and hemlines is key!

Valance Balance

Valence Window Treatment Cami Weinstein


This nail head cornice board is divine!  I love it pared with the coordinating roman shades.  A valance is a smart way to pull together your design without going over the top.

Share your favorite window treatment ideas with me on Twitter!  View my Window Treatments Pinterest board here.

Summer Style

Introduce summer style into your home, wardrobe and more, with bursts of color, rustic details, and fresh flavors!  Here are my favorite summer elements to inspire you.

Natural Garden Cami Weinstein

Perennials and grasses in naturalistic style. Gravel garden: eryngium, eupatorium, diamond grass, Stipa tenuissima molinia and Miscanthus sinensis. Vitis Brant on pergola.

To Wear:  Summer Breeze

Summer Dresses Cami Weinstein

via cupshe

Take a cue from your favorite ’90’s moments this summer; flowing wrap dresses with floral prints are romantic without being too fussy.  While shorts are an obvious summer go-to, wrap dresses always look sophisticated (thank you Diane von Furstenberg), and pair perfectly with a sandal or a heel!  Shop the Bad Moon Printing Long Wrap Dress from Cupshe here.

To Embellish:  Beach House Elements

Cami Weinstein Interior Design

Gingobilo Floor Lamp by Carlo Giorgi

Can’t escape to the beach all summer?  Adding beach house elements to your interior can set the tone for the perfect at-home summer getaway.

Summer Poufs Cami Weinstein Interior Design

Moroccan Floor Pillows, Patina

Hand-Beaded Vara Chandelier

Hand-Beaded Vara Chandelier

To Host:  Flavorful & Fantastic

Summer Hosting Cami Weinstein

When hosting this summer, less is more; don’t over think the rustic elements!  A string of decorative lights, fresh ingredients and your best friends are all you need for a fabulous time.

Summer Recipes Cami Weinstein Designs

This recipe is refreshing, healthy and delicious!  Get the Easy Paleo Shrimp and Avocado Salad recipe here. Roasted Asparagus Soup with Pistachio Cream is another savory summer recipe that’s sure to be a hit with guests; get the Roasted Asparagus Soup with Pistachio Cream recipe here.

Bar Cart Cocktails Cami Weinstien

Creating a buffet-style cocktail station is a great addition to any summer party you’re hosting as well!  If you don’t have a bar cart, get creative.

Nautical Knots Cami Weinstein

A wall of all types of different Knots! Love this! It goes with my modern vintage theme!

For more summer inspiration, visit my Summer Style Pinterest board here.

4 Ways To Work Stone Tables

If you think stone in design stops at your kitchen counter, these designs are going to take your renovation inspiration to a new level of chic.  Here are 5 ways to work stone tables into your new interior design.

Minimalist Kitchen Design

Stone Table Cami Weinstein Greenwich CT

I love the inlaid stone detailing on this table!

Eliminate the bulk of a wooden table and clunky chairs with a minimalist kitchen design.  This concrete countertop is spacious, without being overwhelming.  The raw edge of the table gives texture to an otherwise sleek room design.

Outdoor Living

Outdoor Living Stone Table Cami Weinstein 1

Elevate your outdoor living with a stone table!  The leafy overhead is a soft and romantic juxtaposition for concrete outdoor tables.

Outdoor Living Stone Table Cami Weinstein 1

Here is another example of a beautiful concrete outdoor table; the patina finish on this stone table adds a weathered tone.  A bouquet of fresh wildflowers and a fresh outdoor picnic would be perfect here!

Modern Living

Lava Stone Table Cami Weinstein CT

If you’re like me, adding a functional art piece to a room is necessary.  This Donovan Lava Stone Table from One King’s Lane is so cool and bound to be a conversation piece!

The Romantic Garden

Romantic Garden Cami Weinstein

I love the idea of a stone table and bench by the garden.  It beckons you to sort out your seeds (or nibble on freshly-picked fruit depending on the season).  A stone table is the perfect finish for your romantic garden.

Mudroom Design

A smart mudroom design incorporates accessible organization while providing a sense of comfort and style!  Incorporating the perfect mudroom design into your home welcomes guests to take off their shoes and coat, or for your kids to keep their backpacks, rainboots and umbrella!

Creating a Layout

Mud Room Cami Weinstein

Image from

Do you need a mudroom design that also doubles as a functioning laundry space?  Is your mudroom entrance where you will place all of your gardening tools, gloves and boots?  Creating a layout for your mudroom design is personal!  Need help?  Greenwich interior designer, Cami Weinstein can assist you in creating the perfect organized space; contact Greenwich designer Cami Weinstein here.

Small Spaces Made Useful

Mud Room Organization Cami Weinstein

Image via

The time you take to create a smart mudroom design pays off when small spaces are made useful!  Revamp that awkward above-the-door alcove into a home for baskets!

Tip:  Storing winterwear in these baskets decreases clutter and gives all of those mittens a home!

Functional Flooring

Mud Room Flooring Cami Weinstein

Image via

Second in importance to a mudroom (following your ideal layout) is functional flooring!  Because your mudroom is a second entryway to your home where guests and family members will stop to shake off umbrellas, winter boots and more, it is vital that the flooring you select be fashionable and easy to clean!

Laundryroom/Mudroom Inspiration

Laundry Mudroom Idea Cami Weinstein

Image via

If possible, incorporating a laundry-area into your mudroom is a great way to minimize the mess!  Easy access to a washer means you can throw those muddy play clothes directly into the machine to prevent staining (or contaminate the other laundry in the hamper)!  I love how these machines are stacked alongside a neat shelf of cleaners, for a perfectly prim space!

A Mudroom Sans Room

Mudroom Alternative Cami Weinstein

Image via

Do you want to create a mudroom but lack the extra room?  Creating a mudroom area in an unused part of your home is a great alternative.  This designer revamped the negative space under the stairs for a mudroom alternative!

Are you looking to incorporate a mudroom into your interior?  Contact Greenwich, Connecticut interior designer Cami Weinstein here.

Drink Tables

Drink tables are a great way to give a room a conversational touch.  They beckon you to set your cocktail down, and indulge in good conversation with family and friends, and are the perfect addition your design!

The Paris Side Table, Niermann Weeks

Niermann Weeks Drink Table

How beautiful and versatile is this table!

The Paris Side Table from Neirmann Weeks is elegant without overstating its design authority.  A glass top table is a classic staple for any living room or parlor!

Gilt Metal and Antique Mirror Drinks Tables in the Style of Bagues, 1st Dibs

Gilt Metal and Antique Mirror Drinks Tables

To own two pairs of these gorgeous tables would be a dream!

A pair of these ornate gilt metal and antique mirror drink tables would perfectly accent a powder room!  Place a vintage hand mirror on one, and an antique jewelry box on the other, and voila!

Buckland Side Table, Mr. Brown

Buckland Side Table Mr Brown

Now to find coasters as stately as this drink table!

Want a little English formality in your modern design?  Mr. Brown’s Buckland Side Table features a marble top with a Verona Gold or Veronise Silver finish!

Pair of Gustavian Style Occasional Tables, 1st Dibs

Pair of Gustavian Style Occasional Tables

The detail in the stretchers and urns is remarkable!

This pair of small round tables in the Gustavian style, are from Sweden circa 1900!  I love the saltire stretchers and center urns.  Can you image these tables in an entryway?