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How to Work Salon Style Walls

One of spring 2015’s trending designs are salon style walls!  I love the idea of creating a vignette (or grouping) of artwork as a refreshing take on the classic accent wall idea!

It’s All About the Frames

Cami Weinstein SalonStyleWalls

Simple artwork inside heavy frames makes for a perfect balance

There are two ways to begin mapping out your salon style walls.  Juxtapose simple doodles and minimalistic art within an ornate frame.  This use of negative space will keep your salon style wall from becoming too overwhelming and cluttered.

Simple Frames and Black And White Photography 

Office Salon Style Wall Cami Weinstein

Sleek and chic! Perfect for an office.

Give your design the opposite effect with photographic art in simple and sleek frames!  Transform a dull office with simple Ikea frames.  I love this design; the black and white photos don’t overwhelm the room and the fresh flowers add a perfect pop of femininity.

Theme it Out

Portrait Salon Style Walls Cami Weinstein

About face, anyone?

Give your salon style walls a theme, like this interior.  Ideal for a history buff or a traditional New England home, portraits add a regal tone.

 The Mud Room, Refined

Mud Room Sun Room Cami Weinstein

How sweet is this salon style wall?

Give your mud room or your sun room some love!  Adding a salon style wall can transform your miscellany of gardening supplies and extraneous outdoor accessories a fresh feel.

Is the salon style wall trend for you?  Try it out!

For more inspiration, view my other favorite salon style walls on my Pinterest board here.

The Orchid Show: Chandeliers

2015 marks the 13th year of The New York Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show!  This year’s presentation drew your attention upward to admire the beauty of orchids assembled in breathtaking chandeliers.  I was absolutely inspired by the vibrant colors and ornate arrangements!

New York Botaincal GardensSpring 2015 Color Inspiration

New York Botanical Gardens

This fuchsia and orange ombre orchid is beautiful!

From saffron to fuschia, The New York Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Show featured a varied color palette that was both delicate and bold.

New York Botaincal Gardens

Don’t let these delicate blooms fool you, orchids are able to survive in multiple environments.

Orchids are also an amazing plant species to study, due to their ability to survive in such contrasting eco-systems.  Found in both desert environments and rainforests, the orchid thrives in many environments.  Orchids have adapted and evolved in various environments to survive and reproduce.  In result of this continual evolution, orchids grow in a variety of sizes, colors and shapes!

The Exotic Orchid

NY Botanical Gardens Orchid Cami Weinstein
Orchids are known to represent luxury, beauty and stregnth.  This exotic ornamental plant was also a symbol of virility in ancient Greece!  The ancient Greeks believed that if large, new orchid tubers were consumed before a marriage was consumated, the wife would become pregnant with a male.  How fascinating!
New York Botaincal Gardens
From an interior designer’s standpoint, adding orchids to a room add instant life and color.  Give your living room or office a burst of color featuring this versatile ornamental flower!

 To view all of my photos from the New York Botanical Gardens’ Orchid Chandelier show, visit my Pinterest board here.


Lantern Inspiration

Lanterns are a great lighting option when searching for alternative light fixtures!  From fun paper lanterns adorning your backyard patio party to elegant brass and glass lanterns in your kitchen, my favorite candle-lit lanterns are versatile!  Which of these chic and creative designs will you try?

A Romantic Kitchen

Kitchen Lanterns Cami Weinstein

Love this design! Especially the light fixture!

Swap harsh bright lights out for romantic lantern light fixtures!  Need a bit more lighting during after hours?  A dimming-switch will allow you to control how bright you would like your room!  I love how all of the elements of this room tie together to create a soft, retreat-like feel.

Sunroom Lanterns

Cami Weinstein

So pretty and peaceful

Give your sunroom lighting that will reflect and sparkle!  I imagine these beautiful lavender lanterns cast amazing amethyst prisms on the wall as the light changes during the day.  I would love to enjoy a warm cup of tea by candlelight in this room at night.

 By the Fireplace

Mothology Moroccan Lanterns Cami WeinsteinOrganize a vignette of lanterns by your fireplace to give your room a sultry, warm tone!  I love these beautiful Moroccan lanterns from Mothology!  The staggered heights create visual intrigue, adding a new element to your room!

Bright Summer Nights

Hermes Paper Lanterns Cami Weinstein

These brightly patterned lanterns are so fun and eclectic!

Brighten up your summer nights with these chic paper Chinese Lanterns.  We have had ours for three years and never take them in during the winter; an ideal investment?  Absolutely!

For more ways to style lanterns, view my Pinterest board here!

Nasiri Carpets

The worlds of art and rug-making are interwoven with Nasiri Carpets.  Known for their ornately-designed rugs, modeled after the coveted heirloom carpets auctioned at Sothebys and Christies, Nasiri’s team of artists are dedicated to providing a luxurious product.

Nasiri Carpets Interior Cami WeinsteinProducing a high-quality product for renowned interior designers, architects and rug and art enthusiasts does not prove an easy feat.  Much deliberation is involved when choosing upcoming textiles and mapping out inspiration for a collection.  Nasiri Carpets currently features a wide variety of carpets, from flatweave, decorative, modern, antique, and their latest, current trending collection, Mid-Century Modern Carpets.

Nasiri Carpet Stack Cami Weinstein Cami DesignsNasiri’s Mid-Century Modern Carpet collection is comprised of carefully selected vintage carpets which are in new condition.  The Mid-Century Modern collection is ideal for those seeking a product which combines elements of old world textiles such as fine wool, cotton and goat hair, with elements of modernism!

Nasiri Carpet Collection Cami WeinsteinThe collection features pieces which were assembled post-1920’s, fuse skilled craftsmanship with one-of-a-kind art.  From an interior designer’s stance, I am always seeking ways to introduce functional art into my client’s lifestyle.

Keepsake elements, such as Nasiri’s Mid-Century Modern carpets really make the design personal for the client.  I also love that Nasiri Carpets offers custom products, which allows personal input and creativity of the client to combine with Nasiri’s traditional and modern designs for a flawless result.Nasiri Rug Making Process Cami Weinstein

For more information on Nasiri Carpets, visit their website here.  Re-pin some of my favorite patterns and textiles from Nasiri Carpets here.