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Nursery Interior Design

Selecting the perfect nursery interior design for your baby’s room is an important part of the nesting process!  I love working with clients to create a fully-functional room with personality that reflects their lifestyle and meshes with the rest of the home’s interior design.  Before you map out your nursery, take a look at these inspiring nursery interior designs!

Elephant Hamper Nursery Design Cami Weinstein

How sweet is this rattan elephant hamper!

Nursery Walls

Nursery Wallpaper Cami Weinstein

This nursery’s wallpaper is whimsical and fun!

Nursery interior design begins with the nursery walls.  Mapping out the paint for your nursery is a huge deal!  Are you opting for a gender-neutral paint color, a fun mural or elegant wallpaper?

Nursery Interior Design Paint Cami Weinstein


I love the idea of giving your nursery’s bright and eclectic furnishings a neutral backdrop with Sherwin Williams’ Sea Salt!

The Modern Nursery

Animal Inspired Nursery Cami Weinstein

Give your nursery a cute and fun theme for you and your baby to enjoy!  The animal themed nursery design is classic; make it your own by taking the brightly colored accessories and neutralizing them for a modern twist!

The New England Nursery

Nautical Nursery Cami Weinstein

Inspire your nursery’s interior design with New England’s sea salt and calming ocean waves.  I love the idea of a nautical nursery theme!

Tip:  Swap out the color palette for seashell pinks and sandy neutrals for a girly nautical theme.

The Woodland Nursery

Woodland Nursery Cami Weinstein

Add a touch of rustic woodland inspiration to your new nursery for a cozy feel!  This theme leaves room for lots of fuzzy accessories, thick-knitted blankets for swaddling and fun fairy-tale stuffed animals!

The Traditional Nursery

Traditional Nursery Design Cami Weinstein

When designing a nursery, opting for a traditional style leaves room to incorporate elements of your already-designed home!  Classic paint choices and furniture with a classic traditional feel leave room for your child to develop their own personality (and play)!  This nursery design is family friendly and welcoming.

Love these nursery interiors?  View my “Nursery Inspiration” Pinterest board here.

Renovation Angel: Recycling Luxury

When it’s time to give your kitchen a refreshing makeover, consider the environmentally-friendly process of re-purposing your kitchen!  Knowing your carefully selected kitchen interior will be celebrated and put to good use in another home is a great feeling!  Renovation Angel is a fantastic organization specializing in re-purposing your luxury kitchen.

The Savvy Way to Renovate

Renovation Angel Cami Weinstein Interior DesignRenovation Angel was originally founded as Green Demolitions in 2005 by Steve Feldman.  Based out of Greenwich, Connecticut, Steve Feldman’s project spread its wings and grew to become Renovation Angel, a non-profit organization with the goal of providing a savvy way to renovate!

Save thousands of dollars in tax reductions while supporting high quality non profit organizations!  Renovation Angel provides free, professional and insured white-glove removal, packing and transportation of your donated kitchen.

Read more about how Renovation Angel creates jobs here.

Submit Your Kitchen

Kitchen Evaluation Renovation Angel Cami Weinstein Donating your luxury kitchen is easy with Renovation Angel!  Once you have made the decision to donate, submit your kitchen for an evaluation; homeowners can use this easy online application.  Kitchens which qualify are then further inspected by a professional; our professional inspectors will provide a detailed assessment of brands, sizes and quality.

The Proposal

Proposal Stage Renovation Angel Cami WeinsteinAfter the evaluation and inspection of your kitchen, Renovation Angel will provide a detailed overview of the financial benefits of your donation.  These benefits include a full tax deduction and savings, a free professional removal, packing and transportation of your kitchen, as well as disposal cost savings!  As a designer, I love the idea of a budget left untouched after the removal of an old kitchen; there are so many more design possibilities!

White Glove Removal

White Glove Removal Renovation Angel Cami WeinsteinRenovation Angel provides professional and insured white glove removal of your luxury kitchen.  Their team of professionals will complete the removal of your luxury kitchen within a day, while leaving your home clean swept.  The only thing better than that is the completed tax deduction paperwork and knowing you have made a positive, environmentally-conscious decision!

View all of Renovation Angel’s success stories here.


Stone for Your Home

Distinct and luxurious, stone is one of those materials that add beautiful detail to any home.  There are about as many types of stone as there are interior styles, making it an ideal choice for customizing a unique space.  I love the natural variations in stone!

stone slab

The combination of textures and colors is inspiring!

yellow onyx tilestone tile

Designing with Stone

You can use stone on floors and walls.  Add drama to an interior with a stone accent wall!  From a practical aspect, stone is durable and, when properly cared for, will last many years.  I love the natural essence stone brings to the reception area and bathroom pictured below.

stone accent wall 2

I love this beautiful green stone wall highlighting the receptionist area.

stone accent wallstone slab 3

Integrating Nature into Your Design

Any form of stone brings a great texture to a room.  Whether you choose stone tiles or an interesting accent piece such as a stone topped table, a rough stone or a more a polished piece, bringing stone into your home creates a reflection of the natural world.  Stone can be rustic or modern, classic or trendy, depending entirely on which stone you choose and how it is applied.

longhi layer table

These stone slabs are framed with gold and used as a luxurious table top!

matchbooked marble

Stone flooring is versatile and beautiful!


This stone features natural variations in the pattern and texture, creating a unique material to work into an interior design!

What is your favorite stone look for an interior?


Beach Must Haves for 2015

May is finally here, and to celebrate I have compiled a list of the most fabulous beach must haves for 2015!  Whether you are vacationing at a luxury resort or enjoying a romantic glass of wine while you watch the waves, these accessories are ideal for fun in the sun!

Cami Weinstein Romantic Beach

Take your wine and cheese party into the great outdoors by packing a wicker basket and finding a beautiful beach location.

 For Lounging

Hermes Beach Towel Cami Weinstein

I love seahorses and these colors are so pretty!

Beach towels are a must if you want to lounge comfortably.  Relax in style with Hermes’ playful beach towels and blankets!

Hermes Beach Blanket Cami Weinstein

Hermes’ California Mosaique beach towel is 100% cotton printed terrycloth, making it soft and chic.  The vibrant colors pop so beautifully!

For Toting

Vintage Abercrombie and Fitch Picnic Basket Cami Weinstein

Make a splash upon arrival to your beach party with beach baskets and totes that have personality!  This vintage Abercrombie & Fitch Picnic Basket is large enough for a scruptious lunch and keeps all of the accessories neat with leather loops!

J Crew Market Tote

A brightly colored tote is a beach necessity; Bamboula Ltd. for J.Crew’s Market Tote is perfect for carrying your Chanel sunglasses, water bottle, cover up and sunscreen!

Chanel Sunglasses Cami Weinstein

Everyone needs a pair of Chanel sunglasses!

 For Shade

Beach Umbrellas Cami Weinstein

Beach umbrellas, so pretty! I would have those colors and simple pattern everywhere in my home if I could.

A beautiful beach umbrella is fun to shop for and a definite beach necessity!  I love the idea of his and hers beach umbrellas!

Beach 2015 Cami Weinstein

For more of my favorite beach must haves for 2015, view my “Fashionable Beach” Pinterest board!