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Butler’s Pantry Design

Originally used as a small service and storage location between a kitchen and a dining room, a butler’s pantry may seem like an outdated concept, but it is a genius solution for those who enjoy hosting!  Here are some of my favorite butler’s pantry designs to inspire your renovation project (and take your at-home entertaining up a notch)!

Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 2

The Hostess’ Station

Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 1

Re-purposing your home’s butler’s pantry is a fabulous way to keep your kitchen organized during a party.  Using your butler’s pantry as a catering station will keep the food available for guests without making your kitchen an unsightly mess.

Seasonal Storage

Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 3

Create a secret storage unit you can pull extraneous kitchen goods from!  A butler’s pantry is a great way to keep your extra china sets safe and neatly organized, or store pots and pans and appliances that are too large for display.

Elegant China Display

Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 4

Transform that extra space between your kitchen and dining room into an elegant display area for your china collection, crystal or heirlooms.  Faux finished walls, stainless steel hardware and a statement light fixture work together for the perfect fusion of traditional-modern styling.

Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 6

Discover more beautiful butler’s pantry design ideas on my “Butler’s Pantry” Pinterest board here.Butler's Pantry Cami Weinstein 5

Sleeping Porches

Sleeping porches are perfect for relaxing on a summer evening.  A sleeping porch is a great way to relax while overlooking a scenic area of your property; I love the idea of creating a sleeping porch for a beach house as well.  Here are some of my favorite sleeping porch ideas.

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein 3

Selecting a Location

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein

I love how this sleeping porch overlooks the water.

A sleeping porch is usually screened in and located on a deck or balcony.  You can design your sleeping porch for ground level entry or a higher storey.  The key to selecting the perfect area to build your sleeping porch?  Location, location, location!

Westchester’s Rustic Ranch-Style Sleeping Porch

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein 4

How quaint is this rustic ranch-style sleeping porch?  Designed by William Abranowicz and his wife, Andrea Raisfeld, this Westchester home has the perfect room to rest in.  View their entire home here.

The Secret Garden

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein 5

If you’re an avid gardener and want to spend more time around your beautiful blooms, consider working a sleeping porch in!  Lanterns with glowing candles make for perfect lighting.  Imagine waking up to a gorgeous garden?

Boathouse Romanticism 

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein 6

Wicker details and open windows make this boathouse’s sleeping porch a dream.  When selecting furniture for your sleeping porch, take your time to shop for a daybed or an original wrought-iron frame for an original look.

Sleeping Porches Blog Cami Weinstein 2

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Quality Furniture

With the recent recall of Ikea furniture due to its unsafe standards and handful of fatalities, now is the ideal time to discuss the importance of purchasing quality furniture.  While it seems like a good idea to opt for a quick-fix piece of furniture, the repercussions of an unreliable item can be more of a hassle than a solution.  As an interior designer, I understand the importance of selecting pieces for my client’s which are reliable as well as fashionable.


Recalled Ikea dressers;

View Ikea’s list of recalled chests and dressers here.

The Danger of Flimsy Furniture



If you have purchased particle-board furniture before, you know that its flimsy, lightweight construction is obvious.  At the time of purchase it may seem like a good option as a filler-piece in your interior, but I want to address the lifespan of that item; a piece of furniture built from particle-board is not built to last.  When an inexpensive piece of furniture breaks, where does it end up?  The Environmental Protection Agency cautions against the burning of particle board or plywood, as it releases toxic chemicals.

Furniture Solutions

Mahogany Armoire Cami Weinstein

This antique armoire is beautiful and chic!

When shopping for quality furniture, there are a few ways to approach the purchase.  Antiquing and browsing consignment stores is a fabulous way to give a second life to well-made pieces of furniture.

Rustic Media Armoire Cami Weinstein

This rustic media room armoire is traditional and classic.

There are countless armoires, dining room tables and dressers made with quality craftsmanship just waiting to be discovered.  Estate sales are also a wonderful way to acquire beautiful pieces of furniture that will last, while on a budget.

Antique Furniture Cami Weinstein

Federal Serpentine Inlaid Mahogany Bureau, circa 1800 via

6 Inspiring Home Libraries

For any avid reader, a library is a place of comfort and imagination.  Cultivating the perfect home library is personal and exciting!  Here are 6 inspiring home libraries to inspire your design!

The Beach House Library

Beach House Library


Your favorite beach house getaway should be stacked with your favorite books!  This bookshelf is a great way to maximize space, while staying organized.

The Traditional Library

Classical Library Cami Weinstein


If you’re thinking about remodeling your Greenwich, Connecticut home to include a home library, consider classic wooden bookshelves.  I love the depth in this grain of wood and the richness it brings to the atmosphere.

The Reading Rainbow

Colorful Home Library Cami Weinstein

Color code your home library for an amazing overall effect!  I love how modern and fresh this entire room design is, right down to the poufs.

The Eclectic Library

Eclectic Library

What home library is complete without a chaise lounge?! Gather all of your favorite personal treasures to create the perfect eclectic home library; take the time to peruse consignment shops, go antiquing and let your imagination run wild!

The Elegant Home Library

Elegant Home LibraryThis elegant home library is right out of a fairy tale.  A rustic sliding ladder, high ceilings and statement lighting take the cake in this interior design.  Now to find enough books to line the walls.

The Zen Zone

Greenhouse Library Cami Weinstein

This open space is a perfect place to reflect, relax and read.  French doors open to an outdoor garden, and the quaint seating beckons you to sit with a cup of tea.  If you peek behind the books, you can see through the window and straight into the garden; how romantic!