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When designing a bathroom or powder room, selecting the perfect washstand helps to set the tone!  Washstands come in all shapes and sizes, and can add a serene yet sophisticated element to your interior.  From washstands crafted from beautiful slabs of marble to brass washstands which stand freely, there are so many to choose from; here are washstands that caught my eye.

The Men’s Room


Etoile Metal Round Two Leg Single Washstand, Waterworks

When selecting pieces to include in a bachelor pad’s bathroom, sleek and simple is key.  The Etoile Metal Round Two Leg Metal Washstand from Waterworks is easily customizable and aesthetically on-point.  Because the slab countertop and sink are sold separately, you can select each detail to create a wonderful custom piece.

His & Hers


La Salle Metal-Wrapped Double Washstand, Restoration Hardware

Washstands set side by side are the perfect solution for a busy couple.  Restoration Hardware’s La Salle Metal Wrapped Double Washstand is a culmination of industrial aesthetic and clean Parsons table proportions.  My favorite part?  The warm patina grows richer over time!

Beach House Bathroom Design




Repurposed wood paneling adds texture behind this sleek white washstand.  When selecting materials for your washstand, think about the longevity of your design.  In a beach house setting, simplicity helps to maintain a romantic getaway vibe.

Washstand Storage



Accessibility to fresh towels is key in designing the perfect guest bathroom.  This washstand’s storage is spacious without being sloppy; creative organization is smart only if it appears effortless and polished.



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Faux Bois

Introduce faux bois furniture into your design for a touch of rustic beauty.  Faux bois furniture is fantastic for outfitting a beach house or lake house, and adds texture and whimsy.


Martha recalls her visit with concrete artisan Carlos Cortes and revels in the massive faux-bois pieces he has made for her.

About Faux Bois

The French word for “false wood”, faux bois has roots in the Renassance trompe-l’œil.  Faux bois furniture appears to be made of wood, but is actually made of cement, cast iron or cast stone.

Faux Bois:  Outdoor Patio Design


Dress your outdoor patio with fabulous faux bois accents and furniture.  Faux bois pieces are versatile, timeless and seamlessly connect nature and design!



These concrete faux bois outdoor tables are ideal, if only for their transformative property to be dressed up or down!  Add a fresh bouquet of flowers on a bare table for a romantic touch.

Faux Bois Garden Details


Adding a faux bois table to your patio is a great way to feature your favorite potted plants.  The addition of a table in your gardening area will also make potting and primping your plants easier.


Faux bois garden ornaments are the perfect meeting place of nature and design.  This moss garden created by Martha Stewart is a striking cultivation of texture and height.



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Throws and Blankets

Now that there is a chill in the air, it’s time to break out your favorite throws and blankets!  Throws and blankets add texture to your room, welcome guests and keep you warm while you’re snuggled up with a cup of tea!  These throws and blankets range from classic to creative; which do you love?

Blankets and Throws Cami Weinstein


Neutral Blankets and Throws Cami Weinstein

If you’re in need of new throws and blankets but don’t know where to start, think neutrals.  These classic tones compliment any interior and are versatile enough to evolve with your style.

Soft & Cozy

Mohair Throw Cami WeinsteinLlama Hair Blanket Cami Weinstein

Greet New England’s autumn weather with soft and cozy blankets and throws.  Mohair and Llama hair blankets make for a luxurious gift, as well as a beautiful addition to your chaise lounge or couch.

Knitted & Knotted

Knotted Blanket Cami Weinstein

If you’re feeling crafty, try your hand at knitting your own blanket!

Nothing says cold weather like a stack of welcoming knitted and knotted blankets!  Chunky knitted blankets add just the right amount of texture and heaviness.

The Cream Knotted Throw Cami Weinstein

Crane and Canopy’s Cream Knotted Throw is the ideal blanket for any room of your house.  From the beach house to your backyard firepit, you’re sure to get ample use out of this throw.

Mermaid Blanket Cami Weinstein

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Storage Solutions

Reduce clutter and stress simply by adjusting your interior to include these smart storage solutions.  A neat and organized home streamlines daily routines and helps you keep track of what you have and what you need.  Here are some of my favorite storage solutions for your home.

The Playroom

Kids Room Organization

Take back the playroom with cool, kid-friendly clean up-time solutions.  Race cars are kept off the floor and on the wall with this smart magnetic “shelving” (which is actually a magnetic kitchen knife holder)!

Labeled Childrens Baskets Cami Weinstein

These bright baskets feature visuals so toddlers can put their toys back with ease!

Shoe Organization

Shoe Storage Cami Weinstein

Never lose a shoe or shuffle through a pile of heels again!  Place your coveted shoe collection on display with a repurposed bookshelf; this would be a fabulous addition to any walk-in closet.

Shoe Stair Storage Cami Weinstein

via apartmenttherapy.

If you want to hide your shoe collection, consider this genius hidden shoe storage solution.  Stairs with a storage option always make for an amazing design.

Kitchen Storage

Spice Storage Closet Cami Weinstein

An organized kitchen can be inspiring.  Say goodbye to your messy spice rack with this easily-accessible spice storage solution!

Kitchen Storage Solution Cami Weinstein

What was once intended to keep folders organized has been repurposed as a way to keep clingwrap, wax paper, aluminum foil and more in an easy-to-reach spot.

Outdoor Storage Solutions

Outdoor Wood Storage Cami Weinstein

If you’re preparing for winter by chopping your wood ahead of time, you might as well keep it neatly (and fashionably) organized.

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Color Palette: Emerald

Emerald is having its moment in the design world!  This rich green tone is versatile and works well in all designs from traditional to modern, to transitional.  Make a statement with a bold emerald green accent wall, or simply introduce the color with a detail such as coasters.  Here are some of my favorite emerald green infusions.

Connecticut Interior Designer Cami Weinstein Interior Designs

The Entryway

Cami Weinstein Interior Designs

Wisteria Malachite Wall Art via domainehome

I am a firm believer that original artwork not only personalizes your space, it adds value.  This pair of textured prints are a fabulous focal point.

The Dining Room

Dining Room Design Cami Weinstein Designs

via seeseainteriors

If you are an avid entertainer, mixing up your dining room is a great way to keep guests guessing.  Revamp your favorite chairs by giving them fresh upholstery for a completely different look; these beautiful emerald green chairs are so elegant.

Living Room

Living Room Design Cami Weinstein Designs


A green accent wall brings black and white accents out and makes metallic furniture pop.  If you’re not ready to commit to paint, swap out a focal accessory for a bold piece, like this emerald green couch!

Living Room Cami Weinstein Interior Design

via interiorsbystudiom

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