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Laundry Room Design

How much time do you spend doing laundry?  Revamp your laundry room design for a more organized and fresh look.  There are so many ways to upgrade your laundry room from a stressful mess to a refreshing space!  Here are some of my favorite laundry room design ideas.

Laundry Room Cami Weinstein

I love this floral accent wall! via

Create a Monochromatic Palette 

Laundry Room Design Cami Weinstein CT


If your laundry room needs a modern update, consider transitioning to a monochromatic palette.  This is a great way to leave the shabby-chic trend behind without breaking the bank!  I love the off-white shelving, gleaming tile floor and fabulous light fixtures.

Add Colorful Laundry Room Appliances

Laundry Room Appliances Cami Weinstein


Is your washer and drier nearing the end of their lifespan?  Are you looking for a more environmentally-conscious washer and drier set?  When shopping for new laundry room appliances, take a walk on the wild side and consider purchasing a colorful set.  This blue washer/drier combination is fun and stylish!

Shelve It, Stack It

Stacked Laundry Room Design


If you have limited space, but want to create a neat and functional laundry room design, stacking is the way to go!  This condensed laundry room has stackable, front-loading machines and the perfect pre-treating station.  Want to create your own custom laundry room design?  Contact me here.


Laundry Room Craft Room Cami Weinstein


Make the most out of one room by giving it dual-functionality!  This craft room doubles as a laundry room (which is a genius way to stay occupied between loads of laundry).  The hide-away storage is my favorite component!

Laundry Room Ironing Board Design Cami Weinstein


This pull-out ironing board is another genius way to keep your laundry room from being cluttered!

Add an Accent Wall

Laundry Room Stone Backsplash Cami Weinstein


Creating an accent wall in your laundry room design is a great way to change the tone of the space.  This natural stone back splash pairs beautifully with stainless steel front-loaders and natural wood accents.

Do you need help designing the perfect custom laundry room?  Contact me here!

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Gorgeous Gazebos

Gazebos are a beautiful way to add shade to your outdoor entertainment area!  These open structures feature a roof to guard you from overhead sun while you enjoy summer cocktails.  Designing the perfect gazebo for your property can be a breeze; to contact Cami Weinstein Interior Designs, LLC for a consultation, click here.

Luxury Gazebo Design Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

This gazebo is luxurious and features a pond! via

A Vintage Victorian Gazebo

Victorian Inspired Gazebo Cami Weinstein


How gorgeous is this vintage Victorian gazebo?  Just because your property did not include a gorgeous Victorian outdoor structure like this one, doesn’t mean you can’t create one inspired by it!

A Gorgeous Glass Gazebo 

Glass Gazebo Cami Weinstein


Remember the beautiful glass gazebo in The Sound of Music that we all wanted to dance in during a rainstorm?  You can have your own!  Adding a gazebo to your property can be simple, once you have a clear idea of what you want; besides, you would be able to dance, sing and host in it!

The Lake House Gazebo

Lake House Gazebo Cami Weinstein


If your lake house is your favorite retreat, adding a gorgeous gazebo by the water will only make you love it more!  Peeking through the glass, there is a quaint little set up perfect for reading or enjoying a glass of wine with friends.

A Poolside Gazebo

Poolside Gazebo Cami Weinstein Designs LLC


Take your poolside experience up a notch this summer by adding a gazebo!  This beautiful gazebo design from ArchiProducts features a movable sun-screen for the roof, so you can decide how much sun is too much.

Your Garden’s Mini-Gazebo Swing

Gazebo Swing Cami Weinstein


If you love the idea of adding a gazebo to your outdoor area but are limited on space, this gazebo swing is a great idea!  The lush climbing vines are a romantic, whimsical touch.

Making the Case for Cement Tiles

What’s old is new again with tile trends; today I’m making the case for cement tiles.  Before you remodel with a traditional tile design, explore the possibilities of beautiful cement tiles!  Take a look at some of these refreshing cement tile designs.

Cement Tile Flooring Cami Weinstien


Outdoor Patio

Cement Tile Mudroom Flooring Cami Weinstein


Create the ultimate outdoor area to host, rest and relax in simply by adding cement tile!  Wear and tear will only give these tiles a beautiful rustic edge.

Rustic & Retro

Aesthetic worlds collide in this rustic and retro kitchenette!  Wood beams, visible pipes and repurposed wood accents are made fresh with a pop of cement tile.  Mixed patterns work wonderfully here because all of the tones coincide for neutral (yet eye-catching) finish.

Cement Tile Design Cami Weinstein


Shower Serenity

Cement Tile Shower Design Cami Weinstein


You step into your shower every day, why not make it your favorite place?  I love this beautiful cement tile design paired with gorgeous stainless steel hardware.  This is a renovation project that will leave you and your shower feeling refreshed.

Bathe Like Royalty

Cement Tile Bathroom Flooring Cami Weinstein


If you’re more of a bath person (glass of wine and bubble bath, anyone), give your bathroom floor the royal treatment.  This cement tile layout makes the modern bathtub sing and gives the illusion of a longer (and ultimately larger) space.

Make a Geometrical Statement

Cement Tile Bold Design Cami Weinstein


Take your most basic room and make it your statement room!  Geometric tile and brass hardware make these his and her sinks look polished.  I love the subtle texture of the muted walls and the large brass-framed mirror!

Would you like to incorporate cement tile into your renovation project?  Fill out my online contact form here.

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Brass Bathroom Details

Remodeling your bathroom is a fabulous way to make every day more luxurious.  Currently I am in love with brass bathroom details, which are chic without  being too fussy!  Add a bit of brass to your bathroom for a sleek finish.

Texture & Tone

Brass Bathroom Details Cami Weinstein

This is the epitome of bathroom goals!

I absolutely love the fusion of gorgeous mixed green hexagon tiles, marble basins and brass hardware.  Crisp white towels and off-white tile flooring keep the space streamlined without looking too busy.  This is the perfect his and hers bathroom for one of my Greenwich, Connecticut clients!

Brass Takes Shape

Brass Hardware Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

The ins and outs of brass hardware via

When envisioning your new bathroom design, brass is a great way to keep all of your elements looking uniform.  Love your pre-existing cabinetry’s bones?  Try mixing up your design with various shapes of brass hardware for cabinets!

Brass Towel Holder Cami Weinstein

This Brass Towel Holder from Urban Outfitters is simple and chic!

Sink Details

Brass Bathroom Cami Weinstein Designs LLC

Changing the look of an everyday item such as a bathroom sink can change the tone of your entire bathroom!  A sleek porcelain basin, brass hardware, shelving, and herringbone tiling make for a gorgeous modern station.

Brass Bathroom Sink Cami Weinstein

Brass hardware helps to make this marble slab sink sing; the glass and brass sconce ties in perfectly.  The only thing this sink is missing is a bouquet of fresh flowers!

Modernism Week Palm Springs 2016

There was so much genius inspiration to take in during Modernism Week Palm Springs 2016!  An annual celebration of midcentury modern design, architecture, art, fashion and culture, Modernism Week’s signature February Event offers such a refreshing dose of design.  This year’s Modernism Week in Palm Springs took place between February 11th and February 21st; I was so excited to attend!

Modernism Week Palm Springs 2016 Cami Weinstein

Modernism Week in Palm Springs was gorgeous!

About Modernism Week

Architectural Tour Modernism Week Palm Springs Cami Weinstein

I took this at the start of an Architectural Tour!

Southern California’s Palm Springs area hosts the Modernism Week festival, which features more than 250 events, including the Modernism Show & Sale and Signature Home Tours!  Modernism Week features a calendar full of films, lectures, and Premier Double Decker Architectural Bus tours, as well as modern garden tours, a vintage travel trailer exhibition and much, much more!

Show House Tours

Furniture Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

Incredibly crazy sofa; maybe great to use in someone’s man cave!

Wine Storage Wall Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

A beautifully executed wine storage wall!

Showhouse Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

Martyn Lawrence Bullard Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

Dining room designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard.

It’s always inspiring to tour show houses during Modernism Week; I love to see what other designers are drawn to!  The above dining room designed by Martyn Lawrence Bullard speaks modern opulence and sophistication.  A beautiful table setting is always an eye-catcher!

Exploring Modernism Week

Rich with culture, there is so much to explore during Modernism Week in Palm Springs!  While exploring, I found so many unconventionally beautiful pieces and creations.  Vibrant color palettes, innovative architecture and the manipulation of found objects were some of my favorite things.

Art Gallery Visit Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

This wall of pop art caught my eye during a museum visit.

These bright sculptures were created with found objects.  The artist’s yard was filled with various sculptures in eye-popping acidic hues.

Modernism Week Cami Weinstein

Next week I will share some of my favorite buildings and houses from the Architectural Tour I took during Modernism Week in Palm Springs!

For more photos from my trip to Palm Springs during Modernism Week 2016, visit my Modernism Palm Springs 2016 Pinterest board here.