Designing for Siblings

Kids have definite ideas of how their rooms should look.  Over time I have developed some strategies that make both parents and kids happy when decorating their rooms. It’s important for children to have their own spaces, to learn how to take care of that space and to incorporate treasures and mementos from their experiences growing […]

Break the Rules

A re there rules to break in decorating? Yes and no. Following design rules may get the job done but it doesn’t create particularly inspiring rooms. The typical layout of a sofa, two chairs, a rug, matching end tables and lamps is so over. Create your own personal vision when you decorate. Don’t be afraid […]

Tricks of the Trade

s an interior designer I am always asked what can be done to make your home more stylish, beautiful, hip and current — often by complete strangers. Over the years, you learn some tricks of the trade that can be applied to your home, putting it on the path toward a welcoming personal environment. Working […]

Holiday Details

Can you believe it’s already the holiday season? This year has flown by! We’re quickly approaching Thanksgiving, and that means it’s time to start focusing on holiday details and decor. The Thanksgiving table is one of the focal points of the holiday, especially with all that delicious food on it.  Spend some extra time this […]

Cozy Up to Autumn!

The seasons are turning and that means only one thing – time to cozy-up and hibernate the colder months away!  Your home should always be more than just an assortment of furniture, and making your surroundings cozy for fall and winter is one of the best ways to warm up the feel of a space.  […]

Outdoor Fireplace Inspiration

Fall is quickly approaching and that can only mean one thing – cool nights around a fire pit or outdoor fireplace.  There are almost limitless options when designing an outdoor escape with a fire feature, but I like to think of the exterior of a home as an extension of the interior.  Outdoor spaces should […]

Beach Bungalows

Thinking about summer and beach bungalows you can easily imagine kitschy decor and cliche decorations. Beach decor can easily evolve into this style – add in bright turquoises and corals and you are on your way to overdoing it. There are ways to create that coastal, casual feel without resorting to the cliches.

Gardening and Gardens

Gardens are the perfect adornment for the exterior of your house. The best hobbies are often those that stimulate the mind and jolt the body, with excitement deriving from even the hobby’s most mundane tasks. At least, that’s what gardening does for some; it just feels good in the soul. Some people know the saying […]