Woven Wooden Shades

Lighting changes a room’s tone completely.  Woven wooden shades are a wonderful way to update your home while subtly adjusting the lighting.  These gorgeous woven wooden shades are ideal for your Connecticut home. Bedroom Lighting Transition your bedroom from the excitement of summer to cozy fall warmth with woven wooden shades.  I love the natural […]

Modular Home Install Day

Wow! I can’t believe modular home install day has finally arrived! It’s a big day for the house I am working on in Montauk! The day started on an early note; a total of 5 pieces were to be moved to the location and completed.

The Rattan Bench

Give your furniture a seasonal switch with the rattan bench. Once spring cleaning has commenced, it’s time to refresh your furniture and textiles! Rattan benches are great for indoor and outdoor use.

Desk Obsession

Like a bed is the basis of a bedroom, a great desk is necessary for a chic work space! Whether you’re outfitting your office or adding a home office, it’s time to invest in a desk. Indulge in my desk obsession with these five gorgeous desks from 1st Dibs!

5 Beautiful Benches

Give your guests the perfect place to rest by adding a bench!  Benches are versatile pieces that can adorn your entryway, bedroom, backyard and more.  Which of these 5 beautiful benches are your style? The Dreamy DIY Bench Repurposing wood is not only environmentally-friendly, it’s chic!  I love this smart bench design using repurposed wood.  Take […]